Lights, Camera, Road Trip! Vacation Movie Cost Breakdown

Have you ever been inspired by a movie to take a road trip? Meticulously planning out each aspect only to have something unexpected happen? Turning what could have been a relaxing family cross-country getaway into a real-life movie experience. With the official day of summer right around the corner, we packed up the metaphorical stagecoach, Griswold style, and compiled our list of top vacation films to see how much these wacky adventures would cost today. Below are the receipts for each of the films, including all the unexpected costs that go along with a road trip.  


Vacation Movie Breakdown:


Happy Travels!  

From a wacky family trip to Walley World to a drag queen adventure down under, these film destinations are worth visiting either on the big screen or as part of your vacation plans this summer.  

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